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  1. tahaben dit :

    Media and Magazines Converter 3.5.1
    Media and Magazines Converter is a program designed to convert RAW (Red, Green and Blue) images to JPG, PNG, TIF and BMP formats, and basically, anything and everything you can think of. Not only that, this software is able to do it in a very short amount of time.
    Converting RAW images to JPG and other formats is an easy process, and, as with any

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  2. hirtha dit :


    The Ultimate Navigation App For Android Phones
    Nokia Shareware has updated a mobile navigation application for those mobile devices equipped with a GPS receiver and a screen size of more than 3.4 inches. This newest version offers a comprehensive navigation database and application. Moreover, users will need to install this app before navigating, as there will be a database needed to download, that will increase the requirements accordingly.
    The 1st version of this application was published in 2009, and it

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  3. emmepat dit :

    If this service run in the background will be useful in blocking unwanted packets that may come to the target computer, especially from fraudulent or malware-ridden websites and programs. It serves the same purpose as the Sysmon service offered by Microsoft. It would be really helpful if Sysmon could be automatically configured on the target computer to be allowed or disallowed on the main firewall.
    When accessing this service, users can see its Web UI, where users can create databases, view a list of device

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  4. walcarl dit :

    Easily change timestamps on Windows
    Using a Mac OSX compatible option is easy, but while Windows has the necessary functions to manipulate timestamps, they’re not available to the end users. A dedicated application is required. This software, which we’ve named Change Timestamp, is made to make this possible, and works flawlessly. It does not, however, feature the necessary filtering features.
    Download Change Timestamp
    Change Timestamp is also a download only application,

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  5. birhar dit :

    For those who prefer more control over the connection settings and can tolerate a slightly more complex setup, this tool is best. is an addictive physics-based puzzle game that has been getting a lot of attention on Google Play. Users are actually referring to this game as the next Flappy Bird because of the similarities that it shares with that one.
    If that is not enough to convince you, the game is free to play and it generates it’s own coin because they want to reward players with these coins they earned while playing the game.
    The more the game is played, the more coins players earn

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  6. alewind dit :

    Of course, you can also click on the Charts menu and open the charts from here.

    Windows Performance toolkit (WPT) includes a free basic edition and a pro version with more features. Basic WPT offers many useful tools for analyzing the performance of Windows system component, including disk, file system, application layer and more. To make your use experience better, Basic WPT provides a comprehensive report service for your important daily report.
    Moreover, Basic WPT provides an On-

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  7. eveell dit :

    It does a good job and is easy to use.
    Download York
    You can download the program for free from York’s website. Registration is not required to download or install it.
    Daily Review gives York a Perfect 10 out of 10
    Voting time:
    Daily Review readers had this to say

    Download York best software app of the week. It is the best app of the week, I recommend it to everybody.

    User software review

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  8. nigifaw dit :

    CryptPad is a powerful password and encryption manager with which you can safely store all your important passwords for a shopping, online banking or online account. The application will protect them for you by asking you to input special answers for every website and service that you visit. These answers are automatically stored in a safe place, using innovative encryption technology.

    Loginpad is a simple, elegant and handy password manager. It manages your passwords for email, web and FTP, calendar, social networks, etc

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  9. ambfin dit :

    Software Evaluation Policies
    Evaluating free apps, and all applications in particular, can be an expensive task, but we do the best we can to save you time, money and resources.
    From the very beginning, we provide full descriptions of all our reviews, containing detailed hardware and software requirements, so you don’t have to guess anything. In addition, only the most demanded features are included in this app, which is precisely tuned for all types of users, regardless

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  10. ursmann dit :

    We recommend you to download and install MyPCDrivers.

    How to download and install

    2. After the update window loads, make sure you are connected to the Internet.

    3. Click the [ok] button to update your current drivers.

    MyPCDrivers is a very simple-to-use application that scans your computer for outdated drivers and downloads them upon request. It can be figured out even by users with little or no experience in such utilities

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  11. hassulf dit :

    Download Music Torrent for Windows absolutely free of charge.Today, the Reddit user who goes by the username “Swampfoxxx” runs a blog titled The Wolf Hunt, and every page is nothing but an ad. (Don’t be fooled! I’ve had them link to past and relevant content I’ve written for free.)

    I didn’t know about the popular mainstream craze of hunting the public for target ads until I saw this

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  12. tallhar dit :

    In addition to that, this app offers Android and Windows Phone users the luxury of viewing 3D models.

    You’ve picked up the PC because it is going to be your main machine, however, a lot of people wait and see which OS they will be running on their system before buying anything. One of the most popular reasons some people struggle with deciding to buy a new system or not is the concern they will buy a PC based around Windows 8 and why might they do that?

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  13. shandori dit :

    Still, you’ll likely require some time and effort to customize everything and add a useful feature or two.

    this app is not intended to be used as a proxy.
    it cannot be proved to be as accurate as other accounting solutions
    it may be possible to lose money when using this app
    it is not intended to perform automatic credit card charging
    it does not provide necessary functions for business operations
    it is only a proof of concept that illustrates an innovative solution for storing and retrieving information

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  14. darjen dit :

    It can also provide those users with some value, and it is worth a shot, but that is all it does.
    Moo0 System Monitor (Moo0 SysMon) [Key Features]
    -Ø No system requirements are necessaryØ Very fast at responding to any actions, in terms of altering displayed dataØ Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (anniversary update)Ø Works with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows

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  15. ikagas dit :

    It is equally useful for both small or large enterprises as it allows you to securely manage files, folders and all their information.
    Try to find further information and a free trial at MSD Documents website.

    Privately owned
    Able to develop custom Applications, alike!
    Fully functional business solutions

    Illustrated company website
    Uploaded images
    Website hosted

    About the company

    MSD Software is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Software Products and

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  16. nalrmand dit :

    Posted at 15:41h, 12 Mar

    Ploom.Free 2015.11.15

    You have chosen a free PC SysTools trial version of new Ploom. Free 2015.11.15 software.

    For the license keys of most SysTools 2017 products, see


    Description: Ploom. Free 2015.11.15

    SystemTools software will

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  17. kenwens dit :

    Incidence of cesarean sections in patients with intrauterine growth-retarded fetuses.
    This was a retrospective study of 649 patients with intrauterine growth-retarded fetuses managed in the Sheffield Obstetric Unit over a 2-year period. Cesarean sections were performed in 133 pregnancies, constituting a delivery rate of 49.3 percent. There was a significant association with malpresentation (P < 0.001), twinning (P < 0.

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  18. alyskey dit :

    Feel free to send any questions you might have regarding the TMS Components Pack or TPickDialog to the component’s Dev.Support group. You might be interested in a more affordable Developer Edition, additionally or as an alternative.
    Download & License Key included in the component’s VLC UI pack (also a free component):License key should be entered separately in each individual project for which TPickDialog is used. You can also download the license key from the source code for the component, located in 05e1106874 alyskey

  19. walmiy dit :

    All that and it is simply one of the best compression codecs you will find in the AppStore.
    If you want to make a live streaming much more efficient, there is a better way that depends solely on you. To do this, you need to rely on OBS, an open-source broadcasting software.
    Among all the effects available in this amazing program, there is the setting of audio and video bitrate, as well as the possibility to automate those settings through a server based 05e1106874 walmiy

  20. leyliant dit :

    Clean up browser data to save space
    If you need to free up space, you can clean up browser data with the browser itself, which generally means installing the browser cleanup tool that comes with the browser. This removes cookies, cache, and other private data stored by the browser, leaving only the default files. Start your browser and then follow the steps below to access the storage tools.
    On some browsers, you can access this automatically at regular intervals. Check the help file of your browser 05e1106874 leyliant

  21. pansade dit :


    2018-12-05 11:37:00


    La valeur de l’application


    2018-12-08 10:42:00


    Limitation de privilèges


    2018-12-05 07:27:00




    2018-11-20 17:13:17

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  22. gavrwan dit :

    The same theme, but for spring and summer.
    Features: you can change the images and text on the header. If the winter is too cheerfull, this theme is also a nice change for spring and summer.

    Red Hot Chicago is a fantastic Win 7 theme which is set inside of Chicago’s famous Theater District.
    This theme will offer you a lovely image of a sureal Chicago to beautify your desktop. The same theme, but for summer and autumn.
    Features: you
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  23. walgod dit :

    If you want to read manga in an organized and easy way, Yuki is the perfect tool for you.
    Bleacher Report is a global sports media company featuring content across various platforms. BLEACHER REPORT provides a general entertainment guide for the canvas. With devoted content sites, social media sites, a mobile app and performance wear for athletes that ranks at #1, SPORTSCENTER €™ is the ultimate sports media brand for athletes and sports enthusiasts alike. BLEACHER REPORT
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  24. sanele dit :

    The absence of a trial version can, however, be a problem for new users of the software, as the 2-month trial version will just be enough for you to find out if Freeplane is the right software for your purposes.

    Faronics is a Microsoft Windows software company that specializes in creating a range of anti-spyware solutions. Its latest edition is almost a text editor for correcting spelling mistakes, so it is more of a boon and not a bomb.
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  25. wyneheyw dit :



    New product with new features and a modern look
    We have added a new product: Convert Excel to Outlook Calendar.
    Basically, this tool helps you to convert your Excel spreadsheet into an Outlook calendar.
    Watch the simple but efficient instructions for better results.
    Pay attention that this tool is for converting temporary Excel files.
    However, if you wish to convert Excel to Outlook database, make sure to use the recent version
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  26. dechelee dit :

    It sports a clean and lightweight graphical interface with many tools at hand.
    Audioro iPhone Converter is a free video conversion application, it can convert regular PC video files (avi, mpeg and many more) into M4A, MP3 and other audio files. It is a download for free.

    KWANT is effective free media e-catcher. It can record every piece of sound from PCs, TVs, MP3 Players, D/D-Players, etc
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  27. marphyl dit :

    – Works with any size of files, you can

    Free to try

    Outlook PST Repair Tool
    Outlook PST Repair Tool is an advancement over the PST repair tools and lets you repair and recover MS Outlook PST files with ease. Its a real gift to the Outlook users searching for a solution to fix corrupted PST errors and Lost Outlook items like emails, messages, calendars, appointments, tasks, address books, journals, journals, journals, sub-folders
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  28. wendvale dit :

    This knob allows you to adjust the interaction that the pitch and volume flutter have on one another, meaning that when you use only the pitch flutter or only the volume flutter, the flutter affect is accentuated.
    There are a few advanced features available in Flutterbird. Let’s have a look at them.
    Flutter adds a low frequency spectral component to the waveform of the audio. Using the Mix, you can vary the amount of flutter in each oscill
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  29. zoltfor dit :

    for installation
    ■ Most recent Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP
    ■ Windows

    Latest News for: quickshutdown

    Opera Software ASA will sell Silicon Graphics to Hewlett-Packard for a nominal amount of $15 million in stock…The Silicon Graphics division of Hewlett-Packard was spun off in 2005 along with SGI and Be Inc… The Silicon Graphics division has over 2,000 technical staff covering everything from
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  30. samiadle dit :

    ■ 5 network profiles (buttons are resizable)
    ■ No options for iPad or iPod Touch
    Other features:
    ■ Support multiple network profiles
    ■ Reset network settings to the default values
    ■ Switch between different networks quickly

    App ChangeLog

    Welcome to 2018 with a new version of Net Switch:

    Breaking changes in 1.0.1:

    In this version we changed the license agreement: we switched
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  31. jaycora dit :



    More info:

    ZPT-Free CRM is an application that helps you keep track of events, meetings and appointments, manage contacts and share information in the same time.
    The system allows all connected user to access all the information entered by anyone if it is not labeled as ‘Private’, so ZPT-Free CRM will surely increase the productivity when collaborative work is required for various projects.

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  32. ioltoma dit :

    Download this wallpaper and relax with this futuristic wallpapers.
    Put on your headphones, turn up your speakers and have a pleasure in listening to this wonderful album. The tribal sound of songs in the album will relax, and you will forget all the ills of daily life and troubles of your work. So it will be more beautiful for you to have a break.
    Laugh your life, have a good time, tap, and merry.
    Come on, enjoy yourself!
    Download this
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  33. franyal dit :

    Spyware, adware, and hijacker definitions: spyware: software that is used to spy on the users activities, or keep a log of their activities; adware: adware is software that includes some form of advertisement; hijacker: a program that is created with the malicious intent to harm or damage a computer; thus, you should keep a close eye on possible threats such as spyware, adware and hijackers, especially if you download software from third-party sources
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  34. talesta dit :

    The SpectroChord measures the interval between two notes, which is used by the program to identify chords. The SpectroChord displays the result in graphical form so as to reduce the likelihood of misinterpretation of the data display. A spectrogram can be created using any instrument such as a guitar or organ, not just a piano keyboard.
    The present invention helps the user of a piano keyboard to quickly find or identify a chord by allowing the user to use fingers that are already playing musical notes
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  35. gilmdary dit :

    Norton Internet Security is a part of the Norton family of products from Symantec Corporation. This is a complete anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall package, full featured and possibly the world’s most complete solution. Norton Internet Security includes numerous completely new and useful features that make it essential for even the most well protected PC. It has all of the must-have protection and little extras to get you back to your safe, free PC. The unique protection, reasonably
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  36. webgar dit :

    It can simulate both omnidirectional and directional concentrated solar power systems, and be integrated in a complex system requiring an optimisation of the surfaces. A program like Microsoft Excel is useful for off-line calculations for small projects. The whole system can be run as a regular software program or as a database with a thin console.


    External links
    Tonatiuh — Home of Tonatiuh project Home of Tonatiuh project

    Category:Monte Carlo methods
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  37. jamday dit :

    Overall, BitRecover SeaMonkey Converter Wizard is an advanced conversion tool for emails that you will surely find useful. You only have to try it out and let us know how you felt about it.

    Software Description: BitRecover is world leading provider of data recovery software, now for Mac. Net Blowing Software

    BitRecover for Mac is easy to use data recovery software with built-in powerful data recovery tools for fast and accurate recovery of vital files, folders
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  38. taglato dit :

    No spyware, adware, fake shortcuts or any other types of unwanted software will be present on the author’s code. The application’s main purpose is to bring visitors to a particular web page.
    Note: The protection of PonoMobiM’s software is provided by the use of commercial, non-free software that has been developed to provide such protection. Customer is provided with the ability to either accept their protection, try a free trial version (no registration required), or completely
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  39. ernmar dit :

    ■ Site must be created before you can use it.
    ■ The Editor is in Chinese. Sorry.
    Visit the demo to experience what the new edition can do.
    ■ The App is optimized for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
    From the Publisher:
    This article provides complete programming tutorial about how to use PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor) language to set up blog
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  40. spapre dit :

    The software will help you create a service platform suited for your needs, providing valuable information.
    The service desk interface supports multiple languages for user interface support, which can be downloaded or associated with the software directly with a simple wizard. Moreover, it supports many databases, since the software works with database platforms such as Microsoft Access SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.
    ServiceDesk Standard Edition can also be integrated with the following tools:
    Platform d&i Tools (Systems Engineer, Support Center,
    50e0806aeb spapre

  41. wylhsamo dit :

    Free to try (demo version is available);
    Straightforward to use;
    Simple setting and launch;
    Configuration is easy;
    In addition, the app doesn’t change the Windows registry settings;
    No filtering options;
    No wallpaper preview or repetitions;

    Designer and author

    Mikhail Tredijan

    What is new in this release:

    What is new in this
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  42. bercar dit :

    For example, you might…
    Platforms: Windows, Windows 8, Windows 7

    … a similar « down »
    night cycle – that is, it’s available for 4 hours while your PC is OFF during a day and 24/7 to check with any PC related problems.
    DOWNLOAD DOWNPORT is NOT a FREE DOWNLOAD : it requires downloading another program, called UppityUp ( in order to run and to show status
    50e0806aeb bercar

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