Services disponibles et prestations pendant la covid-19

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  1. erjilo pterin dit :

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  2. halches dit :

    (to convert a DNS address to IP addresses or vice versa).

    Convert IP To DNS, DNS To IP and Domain to IP Address Converter Software

    Looking for a easy-to-use utility that can convert and/or identify the IP address in a URL or in a search string?
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    SQL Server 2005: Always inserting records within session

    Does the last query that is run get stored? I’ve had a problem from time to time in SQL Server 2008 R2 where it’s Inserting two records no matter what

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  3. paxtkeal dit :

    iTunes Alarm Clock

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  4. jarrbra dit :

    The same goes for its clean tool.

    This application can help you examine files and folders, troubleshoot registry problems, as well as undo data on the computer. It scans your machine, finds and removes software conflicts and automatically eliminates cache files and other junk from your PC to further improve performance and boost system stability.

    Private Mode Manager brings you an additional level of privacy protection for your family computer’s registry. It checks and removes hidden informaiton inside the registry for malware protection and

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  5. bernarro dit :

    You can create queries with any option list, including date criteria and look for any issues that are closed after a set of timestamps. The expiration of an issue will produce a popup that will allow you to subscribe or unsubscribe quickly.
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    newer issues (

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  6. reiverb dit :

    It’s vital to mention that it’s possible to work with Active Query Builder Java Edition even without any previous knowledge of Java. You can easily add new code to the default query engine. Once the code is deployed it becomes part of your solution, and you don’t need to recompile it or restart the solution or system.
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  7. julleac dit :

    Get Noise Blocker now
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  8. benibr dit :

    Note 1: You can press the F5 to quick start the screensaver.
    Note 2: You can move your mouse pointer to the screen corner with a delay. In your browser, create a.wasm file with a url and request the page or send it the file:
    Ifram.load « about:blank ».ID. « Relaxing Spring Screensaver »
    But the result is not good when applied in Firefox or Mozilla.

    One of the most

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  9. loredes dit :


    How to add design attribute to images in Jekyll

    I need to add an HTML5 attribute to all images in my Jekyll site. I have been unable to find a method to do this.
    Thanks in advance!


    Here is a simple way without using any plugins:
    {% assign allimages = site.posts | group_by:’slug’ %}
    {% for image in allimages %}

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  10. keejana dit :

    Software supported:
    • Windows version 10 all editions
    • Size: 6,20 MB
    Developer ID: Intensia Electronica S.A.

    File reorganizer is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help users organize their musical collection in different folders.
    It sports a clean interface that offers only a few dedicated parameters to tinker with.
    The tool works with a single file format, namely MP3, and lets you pick  the folder which contains the audio

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  11. chacorn dit :

    Its interface is very easy to use. It is also browser based, allowing you to record straight from your web browser while you are on line. This means you don’t even need to leave your web browser to record. Acarda WavRecorder is commercial software costing $99

    Hardware Frame Grabber is a hardware device intended to capture (record) from an analog device such as a TV. The application allows you to capture data from analog TV and store it in the.csv file

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  12. yudsire dit :

    SE 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8u25;
    ■ file;
    ■ file.

    Mark Steyn

    Karl Rove is trying to reverse-engineer a Republican victory. Expect a second term for Obama

    The Tea Party Republicans are winning the battle for the hearts and minds of the grassroots activist base. And as they win the battle for the minds of the grassroots, the battle for the heart of the Tea Party itself is being lost.

    What I am arguing here is not that the Tea

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  13. xanyam dit :

    Highly recommended. We have bought a bunch of Mailinator licenses in the last month and have been really happy.

    Mailinator is a free service that you can use to send and receive email. You can create an account, enable push notifications, create a profile picture and change your privacy settings.

    It will send out the email to an address other than the one in your account or synonymically redirects incoming mail to another email account.

    Google has

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  14. berghar dit :

    Nonetheless, it is a tool that is definitely worth the try, for it is capable of doing everything you need a download manager to do.

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  15. wasgaba dit :

    Should you want to know how to navigate directly to each app in the list, you will be pleased to know that there is a button in the app that allows you to do so, as well.

    The scenario changed completely. We show you how to remove RMB and shortcut for windows 10 apps

    You remember the beginning of the Windows 10 journey, then? When the operating system first rolled out to non-technical people, they could not make out what do now with the

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  16. kaloosbo dit :

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  17. shantaur dit :

    If you are fond of l33t TTF graphics, think new and new, crave for innovation, and need to create a powerful impact on your readers, then InvisibleKiller is exactly for you.
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  18. haiddela dit :

    It is all stored in a cabinet (also known as a database). The descriptive information goes into an index. You can decide what information you will put into the index when you plan and create your cabinet. When you need to retrieve a document, you provide Personal Plus with some of the descriptive information. It searches the index and shows you all of the images related to the search criteria. After that, you can print, fax, or email the image.
    The application also sports a simple search

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