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Support services encourage the participation of newcomers in other services, such as :

Translation And Interpretation Service

      Settlement officers assist newcomers in interpreting and understanding information conveyed to them, requests addressed to them and documents they receive.

Altogether, the staff at CESOC speak 21 different languages according to the following language profile: all the staff speak both official languages of Canada and use French as the working language; additionally:

      • 6 people speak Kirundi and Kinyarwanda,
      • 5 people speak Swahili and Spanish,
      • 4 people speak Creole,
      • 3 people speak Lingala

Several other languages are spoken by the staff including Arabic, Italian, Walloon, Flemish, Mina, Malinke, Bamileke, Kibembe, Kivira, Mashi, Duala, Pulaar, Romanian, Turkana and Susu.

Counseling Service

The staff refers newcomers experiencing personal, family or emotional difficulties to agencies providing related specialized services to specific target groups, including women, youth, parents and seniors.

Job Preparation Service

This service enables clients to be well informed about the labour market in Canada and well prepared for actively seeking employment. For this purpose, settlement officers work closely with their colleagues in charge of technical and cultural assistance relating to employment.