A Word From The Chair

The Economic and Social Council of Ottawa-Carleton (CESOC) provides a range of services to the newcomers and immigrants of Ottawa. CESOC also has to be an agency which fosters the creation of bonds between the receiving community and newcomers. Successful social and economic integration depends on building bridges between the various elements of our community.

As Chair of CESOC’s Board of Directors, I am committed, in an individual capacity as well as in the name of the Board, to the enhancement of the quality of the services which we provide, as well as to the strengthening of bonds, of connections between us which vitalize our community as a whole.

On the other hand, CESOC cannot fulfill its mandate without the support of governments and other funders for whom the integration of immigrants is paramount. We work on behalf of and for those having this mission. It is therefore important for us to focus on the complementary nature of our actions. Owing to the collaboration of many collective groups, families arriving from abroad are enabled to rapidly integrate into our society and contribute to its development. It is only when these families are made to feel welcome, when they have found employment and have access to necessary health care that we can all say that we have met our goals and fulfilled our mission.

Finally, we should mention that CESOC is at a critical juncture in its history. Several changes in the leadership and governance of the agency represent a challenge. It is essential that all parties, members of the Board, staff and volunteers commit to work towards the successful passage of this necessary transition, and enable CESOC to become even more vibrant, strong, dynamic and useful. It needs to live up to its motto :

Our language, our colours, our cultures: it is there the strength of our French-speaking Community and also its future.

Guy Matte Chair