Our vision

To promote the diversity of the Francophone population and foster its development at the regional, national and international levels.

Our values

  • To provide an environment that fosters excellence in service delivery and positive work practices;
  • To bolster CESOC’s image and reputation as a service agency by evidencing integrity, credibility and honesty.

Our motto

«Our language, our colours, our cultures: it is there the strength of our French-speaking Community and also its future»

Our mission

  • To support the economic, social and community-based development of members of the Black community, as well as of the Francophone racial and ethnocultural minorities, by the creation of tools, advocacy, and service delivery;
  • To contribute to racial and cultural harmony by promoting a multicultural Francophonie;
  • To ensure advocacy on behalf of the Black community, the Francophone racial and ethnocultural minorities (FREM), and the Francophone community as a whole.